Amika Flat Iron – Locks Out the Frizz!

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what is the best hair straightener for thick hairAre you looking for the flat iron that heats to the right temperature, smoothens out the frizz, protects your hair from damage, straightens your particular hair type, and makes the straightness last for a reasonable time? That’s a tall order, to say the least.

But it must be your lucky day! We’ve challenged ourselves and painstakingly went through different brands and models. And what do you know? I think we’ve finally hit upon the perfect styling tool. It’s an Amika flat iron called The Confidante.


The Confidante is designed with the latest technologies

The Confidante makes use of the latest in technology to attain optimal heat without causing damage to hair.

Infrared Light Beam technology – the tourmaline-infused titanium plates take far infrared (FIR) beams deep into the hair. This way, it does not dry out the cuticle.

Metal ceramic heater (MCH) – with this system, heating up and heat recovery both take place quickly. This makes it possible to tame and style your hair with minimal passes in the shortest time. This does not only mean that you save time, it also means that you save your hair from extended exposure to heat.

Negative ion projector – with each pass of the plates, they emit negative ions which lock in moisture and lock out the frizz.


Practical Features

best hair straightener for thick hair amazonDual voltage system (110V-240V) – the Amika flat iron automatically adjusts to whatever voltage is supplied by the electric outlet you plug it on without need of a switch. This should be perfect for your local and international trips.

Longer-reaching plates – its 1-inch wide and 4-inch long plates speed up straightening. For this reason, this flat iron could well be the best hair straightener for thick hair. At this length, it accommodates more hair per section with each glide. It can also reach close to the scalp because of its slimness, which produces seamless smoothness.

Auto shut-off system – the unit automatically turns off if it detects non-use for 30 minutes. It works as a safety measure against fire accidents usually caused by unattended electronic devices.

Digital interface – to achieve unfailing results, the Amika flat iron provides accurate setting and monitoring of temperature.

Adjustable temperature settings – heat level can be set from 170°F to 450°F, making it suitable for all hair types.

Floating plates – they self-adjust to prevent tugging at the hair.

360-deg swivel cord – the rotating base makes this flat iron very convenient to use. The cord is 9-ft long and covered with a heat-proof material.

Warranty – every purchase is covered by a 1-year warranty.

What we like about the Amika flat iron

best value hair straightener for thick hairThere doesn’t seem to be a single thing that we don’t like about The Confidante. It’s true that you can find many of these different features in various models and brands. What makes The Confidante special, however, is that Amika combined these features in one model. It’s this amazing combination that makes this flat iron stand out from the rest, even among other Amika models.

The hydrating feature makes straightened hair frizz-free for a longer time. This works on the principle that over-dried hair reverts to its frizzy state faster than moisture-locked hair.

What you need to consider

  1. This flat iron carries a high price tag.

That’s probably its biggest drawback. However, you have to consider that titanium flat irons do cost more than other types of materials. The superior heat conductivity and durability that titanium offers don’t come without a cost.

The same is true with the technologies that make it possible for the titanium plates to straighten and hydrate hair at the same time. It’s one thing to have straight dried out hair and quite another thing to have straight lustrous tresses. The difference is in the technology used.

  1. Lest you expect too much, allow us to inform you of some caveats:

  • The one-pass feature may not always be the case for all hair types. Most stubborn curls will require at least a couple of passes. Also, while Amika boasts of hair-hydrating abilities, you’ll have to make sure that your hair is healthy and properly moisturized prior to ironing.
  • The straightness does last long, but it has no power over humidity. Humidity affects straightened hair, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It only means that your flat iron is not always to blame if you find your curls coming back after a few hours.

Our verdict

There are many hair straighteners out there that are cheaper than this particular brand and model. Of course, you can opt for those cheaper alternatives. Just be aware that you may have to trade off one feature for another.

If budget is not an issue, however, then by all means get this Amika flat iron! It’s worth every cent you’re going to spend on it.