Hair Straightener Sizes

Hair Straightener Sizes

If you are wondering “what size hair straightener should I get to curl my hair“, this article will attempt to help with that answer. A size of a flat iron, size referring to the width of its plates, is one of the things to consider when buying a hair straightener.

Each category of size is meant for certain type of hair as regards the hair length, texture, state of health, etc. However, this is not to say once you know your hair type, flat iron size is the only thing to consider when buying a flat iron. There are other factors to look at when selecting the perfect flat iron for you.

What Size Hair Straightener Should I Get

Hair straightener sizes vary from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches to cover different hair sizes. Any thing smaller than 0.5 inch would be hard to find. A 1/4 inch flat iron is hard to find and there are not many brands that make it hence it is not common or readily available like 0.5 inch flat iron.

Below we will look at different sizes of hair straighteners starting with a 1/2″ one and also indicate what size of hair it would suitable on.

pixe cut or bang

The 0.5 inch flat iron can be regarded as the smallest flat iron for short hair, especially. This flat iron is ideal for pixie cuts and bangs. These mini flat irons are also great to carry along when traveling, because of their size they can heat up quickly, make quick fixes to your hair and also very light weight.

Though small, a good brand will have the best qualities of a good hair straightener. It can be made from ceramic or titanium, with dual or universal voltage. It can heat up to high temperatures in a short time. It can also have a swivel cord for ease of use. Let us look at couple of examples to demonstrate this.

One of the best straighteners for short hair include;

best price babylissPro Nano

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. It features Nano Titanium-Ceramic Plates for smooth straightening along with dual voltage for worldwide usage and is ideal and great for short to medium hair

This mini flat iron can get close to scalp and smooth hair to the ends making it ideal for travel or use on the go. You can make easy quick touch ups while on the go or freshening up.

“The size is perfect for travel and it gets really hot really fast. I only give it 4 stars for two reasons – for one, the plates don’t seem to be as ‘slick’ as other flat irons; they don’t slide over my hair as smoothly as I’d like. Second, there is no temperature control which isn’t a deal breaker since I like my flat irons really hot but every now and then it’s helpful to turn the temp down. Still the best travel straightener ever!”

shor fine hair - 1 inch flat iron

From the 1/2 inch we move to the 3/4 inch hair straightener. These size hair straighteners are not common but are available if you look for them harder.

Conair 3/4 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener

This 3/4 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener is ideal for short fine hair. It features floating ceramic coated plates with for even heat that’s gentle on hair and better better contact and straighter results due to the floating plates.

It has 25 variable heat settings which makes it suitable for every type of hair. It has 30-second heat-up with On/Off Touchpad and able to reach 400°F ultra-high ceramic styling heat to flatten, straighten or flip.

The uniform heat recovery system delivers consistent styling temperatures, while the Turbo Heat boost feature intensifies the results. It also has Dual voltage for worldwide travel.

“This is great for giving yourself great looking waves and curls.”

medium fine hair - 1 inch hair straightener

A 1″ flat iron is more of a common size in all hair straightener sizes. It appears to be more flexible to adapt to many different hair sizes and textures. It is not too small nor too big, it seems to be the perfect size to choose even when you may not be sure what would be adequate for you.

Ideally it is adequate for short fine hair. A 1 inch size also qualifies to called a mini hair straightener because like the 1/2 inch iron, it is a great travel companion. Due to its small size, a 1 inch flat iron will heat quickly and is also small enough to fit into a purse for that quick refreshing.

The best 1 inch hair straighteners include;

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The HSI Professional Glider is a ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron hair straightener that straightens, flips and curls.

best price HSI Professonal Flat Iron

It has adjustable temperature from 240F to 400F and its solid ceramic tourmaline plates with advanced infrared heat technology make it ideal for fine to coarse hair. The ceramic/tourmaline ion plates create a shinier, silkier finish in less time. It has worldwide dual voltage compatible to 110v-220v voltages and has a 360 degree swivel cord.

If you have coarse hair, the HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is the best hair straightener for coarse hair.

“This is a great flat iron. It heats up in 30 seconds and has a swivel on the cord so it never tangles. It also came with a nice bag so I can pack it away while it’s still warm while traveling. I’m very pleased with this purchase.”

CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron


This CHI 1 inch hair straightener would make a good choice if you wanted the best 1″ flat iron on the market.

Apart from the fact that CHI is a good hair straightener brand, this ceramic hairstyling iron uses far infrared heating to help reduce frizz and static. In addition to reducing frizz and static electricity, it creates a silky shiny hair instantly. It also straightens, curls, flips and waves with the all-in-one ergonomic design.

It features flash quick heating of up to 392°F. It has Far infrared which penetrates hair from the inside out hence its anti-frizz ability. It has a swivel cord and Dual voltage, however, it requires an adapter.

“It even tames my natural curly hair and keeps style smooth until next wash.”

Featured Product: Remington Pro 1″ Digital Heat Flat Iron with Anti-Static Ceramic Technology, S5500

The Remington Pro S5500 1″ Digital Heat Flat Iron with Anti-Static Ceramic Technology is one of the best 1 inch hair straighteners to have on the market.

It will give you smooth beautiful styles. It will give you professional results because it features 410° Salon High Heat with Turbo Boost that will quickly increase the straightener to maximum temperature

The Remington S5500 Style Purple 1 inch Digital Heat Ceramic Flat Iron Anti-static technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling to diminish frizz and flyaways while boosting style control.

Long ceramic plates allow for less damage while the floating plates allow for easy glide.

It also has Digital Controls. The Intuitive buttons control the power and temperature, while the clear-view LCD screen displays heat levels.

1 1/4 Inch Hair Straightener
A 1.25″ flat iron is more suited for shoulder length, medium to thick hair.

1 1/2 Inch Hair Straightener
A 1 1/2 flat iron can be used on hair that thick, coarse and/or curly. It can be as long as going lower than the shoulders, just touching the upper back.

1 3/4 Inch Hair Straightener
A 1 3/4 inch flat iron is wide enough for long hair that is thick and coarse.

2 Inch Hair Straightener
A 2″ flat iron is suitable for thick very long hair.

2 1/4 Inch Hair Straightener
A 2 1/4 inch flat iron is for very long curly hair.

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