MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate By Chi 1 Flat Iron Review

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MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron Review – When you see a hair straightening tool which is made of titanium, you can blindly trust it as the best one. At present Titanium hair straighteners are considered to be one of the best quality of metal irons available in the market.


Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi® 1 Flat Iron Features 

  • Flash quick heating
  • Reduces styling times
  • Titanium plates for an ultra smooth styling surface
  • Heats up to 410°F
  • Dual voltage for international travel
  • 1-in. plates
  • Wall plug
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty


Chi Titanium Flat Iron Miss Universe Pros

Titanium :
The best thing about this MISS Universe Style Illuminate flat iron is its material, Titanium. It’s really hard to find a better iron than this Titanium made flat iron. This particular material has made this iron really lighter in weight and it gets heated up very quickly. Unlike other flat irons, this particular product straighten your hair with much lower heat.

Standard size:
Another crucial part about this product is the standard size of it, It comes with the 1 inch size which is ideal for every kind of hair styling. It is ideal for the people with short type of hair, it is one of the best hair straighteners for short hair. If you have short hair, this flat iron will be the best choice for you.
Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi® 1 Flat Iron
The smart temperature range of 160F to 410F:
Some people have difficult type of hair which is really hard to control and for them a hair straightener with high temperature range could be a best help. The minimum and the maximum heat level of this product is 160F to 410F and this range is actually enough for any kind of hair. But one thing you must remember that this tool generate heat by using the negative ions and that’s the reason why you won’t have make it as hot in order to keep your hair straight. It works really good in a lower heat also.

Heats up very easily:
One feature that you will really like about this product is the smart and quick heating feature. It really heats up so quickly, so there’s no waste of time for waiting. It is really annoying when you need to wait for longer period of time to get the iron heated up.

Perfect for hair styling:
A lot of people think that flat irons are used for hair straightening only but what they really do not know is that a perfect flat iron can be used for hair styling purpose also. This Miss Universe Titanium Flat Iron is ideal for hair styling also. No matter what kind of hair style you want to have, this perfect 1 inch size helps you to achieve the look very easily.

Smart dual voltage feature:
This flat iron works on dual voltage so you can easily carry this when you are traveling and this will do the job for you.

Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind the huge popularity of this light flat iron that is ideal for any type of hair – curly thick hair, coarse hair, short hair, etc. Well, you can easily use it without getting your hand fatigued as it is very light weight and it heats up quickly. That is why it can be used at a lower temperature than traditional ceramic and other metal irons

Now this article gives you the complete review the Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi 1 Flat Iron that includes an overview, features, pros, cons, and the final verdict.

MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron Overview

Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi 1 Flat Iron Review

When you own the MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1″ Hairstyling Iron you will be able to straighten, flip and wave your look into a crown worthy style. This is easily achievable with this luxury hair straightener because it a reach a maximum temperature of 410°F making it effortless to move through your hair.

With the digitally adjustable temperature controls, you can set it at different temperatures offering you unlimited styling choices to take your look from day to night, up-do to loose waves. It has a flash quick heating which reduces styling time changes.

Now it’s time to know about the cons about this product:

Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi® 1 Flat Iron Cons

This flat hair iron is ideal for short or medium type of hair. If you have very long hair type, this may not work very fine with your hair type and this is the only negative part of this product.

Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi 1 Flat Iron Review Video

Watch the following review video of how fabulous the Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi 1 Flat Iron is.

Final verdict

If you are looking for one of the best flat irons for hair that heats up really quick and comes with the perfect size, Miss Universe Style Illuminate By Chi® 1 Flat Iron could be the ideal deal within your budget.

Chi Titanium Vs Ceramic

If you have been torn between buying either a ceramic or titanium hair straightener, a titanium one heats faster and you can do quick hairstyle changes. A titanium flat iron is generally lighter than a ceramic hair straightener.

It is also worth noting that a ceramic hair straightener is best suited for fine hair while a titanium one is ideal for thick or coarse hair. This is one of the things you need to consider when you want to invest on the perfect hair straightener for your hair!

Where To Buy MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron

The MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron is available online from several stores, however, we recommend that you buy it from Amazon.com. This is because from time to time Amazon offers promotions, the product is normally cheaper than anywhere else, you get free shipping and above all there is a wealth of reviews.

Chi Titanium Flat Iron Miss Universe reviews for example will tell you whether this product is for you or not. People who have liked it will say what they liked about it and those who did not like it will also say what they did not like about it.

Here is a couple of Chi Titanium Flat Iron reviews

Miss Universe Chi Flat Iron Reviews

Here is an example of feedback of people who liked this luxury hair straightener!

“It works wonderfully, order got here on time and only a small black smudge on the “chi” logo was found when I un-boxed it, probably from the black cardboard rubbing on it. If I cared enough I could scrape it off with my nail. It has lots of different temperature settings and the tourmaline plates make it run through my hair so effortlessly. I’ve had it for about three weeks, will update periodically as time goes on.”

“I like how quick it heats up and how the cord won’t get all twisted when I’m moving around with it. No cons about this product. (:”

And here are examples of people who did not like it and left feedback.

“Sent in bad condition!!! Chi writing as some black stuff on it and there is a layer of gunk on the side too!!!”

“not worth the hype to me i dont see the difference in buying this and the one from the beauty supply store”

These are customer opinions and the Miss Universe Chi Flat Iron has more than 20 reviews with majority of them being positive, over 76%. Most of those who were not happy with the product were actually complaining about the condition it came in, taking too long to arrive, etc. Few of the complaints are the how the flat iron works.

On the other hand a lot of good feedback is people happy how well the flat iron works and giving them results they want if not better. Click here for more Chi Titanium Flat Iron Miss Universe Reviews…

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