Sultra -The Diva Pressing Iron

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Sultra -The Diva Pressing Iron – If you are looking for a hair straightener that would help you style your hair the way you want and make it look gorgeous, then you should completely look up to The Diva Pressing Iron by Sultra. It styles your hair the way you want it no matter what way you want it to be.

The plates of flat iron tool help you style your hair in your own way depending on the type of your hair. The box comes with a silicone iron mat, a pressing iron, a ceramic styling comb and the Diva pressing Crème.

This article would provide you the exact details you need to know for buying the Sultra The Diva Pressing Iron along with its benefits and disadvantages.


The Diva Pressing Iron Overview

Sultra Hair Straightener

The Sultra Diva Pressing Iron will amaze you. This luxury hair straightener design is specifically for frizzy, thick, coarse, curly hair. With the Diva Pressing Iron it’s time to unleash your inner diva. The Diva Pressing Iron is the first ever true pressing iron designed specifically for ultra frizzy, curly, coarse or thick hair.

Sultra The Diva Pressing Iron Features

  • The first-ever true pressing iron for ultra frizzy, curly, coarse or thick hair.
  • Sultra’s exclusive ThermaGuideTM Plate System that grips hair and pulls it taut as you curl, wave or straighten with ease.
  • ThermaGuide™ Plate System.
  • Advanced Ceramic Heater Technology.
  • 2 temperature settings for Relaxed or Natural.
  • Rapid Heat-Up and Heat Recovery.
  • Advanced ceramic heater that maintains up to 450°F.
  • With Auto Shut-Off.

Pressing Iron For Hair Pros

Perfect for all hair types:
The pressing iron suits every hair type – it is the best luxury hair straightener for frizzy hair, including oily, thick or curly. It straightens it perfectly. The ThermaGuide plate system grips your hair perfectly and helps you straighten it with ease, when it is tightened or relaxed.

Sultra Pressing Iron

Good mixture of ingredients:
The ingredients of Diva Pressing Crème include Shea butter, olive oil, keratin and lactic acid. All these ingredients are beneficial for your hair as:

  • Shea butter reduces all your scalp problems such as dandruff and moisturizes your dry scalp.
  • Olive oil moisturized the exfoliated layer of your skin.
  • Keratin keeps your hair straight.
  • Lactic acid relaxes and smoothens your hair.

Benefits of this Sultra Hair Straightener
This ceramic flat iron helps to regulate the temperature without burning the edges whereas, the silicone iron mat being heat resistant, allows the iron to rest without burning. And the ceramic styling comb regulates the heat according to the temperature.

Temperature management facility:
This hair straightener with adjustable temperature allows you to feature to set the temperature according to your hair type. The iron tool provided is great and proves advantageous for your hair. There are two type of temperature management facility of normal or regular management and the other for relaxed type.
Sultra Diva Flat Iron
Shine and damage prevention:
The Sultra Diva Flat Iron prevents hair from damage and also boosts the glossiness of your hair. This is the best hair straightener for damaged hair because, it smoothens the hair and increases the shine of your hair because of the 2 oz Diva Pressing Crème that is helpful for your hair. It comes with no heat curls which prevents your hair from damage as well.

Great Appearance:
The Sultra Diva Iron has a really great appearance with its shiny structure.

Sultra Diva Iron Specs:
It weighs 757g/8 ounces. Dimension- 10.5*1.5*2 inches.

Pressing Iron For Hair Cons

Just like every coin has two faces and everything has a good phase and a bad phase, just like that, along with the advantages of the Diva Pressing Iron there are some cons as well, so let’s have a look:

  • The price of this product is high as compared to the other products.
  • The frizzy hair when straightened stays for a while but goes away after a certain period of time compared to the other types of hair.

The Diva Pressing Iron Video

Final Verdict on Sultra Pressing Iron

If you look for a product that would suit your hair type and design it the way you want it then this product is just for you.

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