T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Review

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T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron by the company T3 is an excellent hair straightening tool if you’re looking for a tool that would just style your hair perfectly with much ease and comfort and the styling would be hassle free too.
T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Features

  • Larger 1.5 inch plates and 50% more power than 1 inch iron
  • Internal microchip maintains even temperature
  • Seals the cuticle for a smooth, shiny finish
  • Five adjustable heat settings (260°F – 410°F)
  • Auto world voltage
  • One hour auto off
  • Includes two sectioning clips
  • Built From the Insight Out™: T3 tools are powered by proprietary technologies that deliver exceptional performance and superior results.


T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Inch Wide Iron Pros

Advanced Digital Heating System:
The advanced digital heating feature maintains the temperature and adjusts the heat in every single glide that prevents the hair from damage.

T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Iron

Less Time Consuming:
It does its work fast enough and also the heat is adjustable up to 410 degree F.

Adjustment feature:

The temperature can be adjusted using the power button whenever required. When the mentioned temperature goes down, you are yourself notified by the product by the sound made by the product for you to adjust. Once you adjust it up to the required temperature depending on your hair type you will be notified as well.

Wide plates and Lightweight:
It is a 1.5 inch hair straightener. The 1.5 inches wide plates cover more hair for straightening. It is light weight and ergonomic. It also comes with a 2 pro clipping section.

Swivel Cord:
The swivel cord provided is of 9ft 360 degree for your own comfort while using it.

Tourmaline and Ceramic Infusion:
This is a hair straightener with tourmaline ceramic plates and the tourmaline and the ceramic infusion allows your hair to stay in place and keep it straightened for a long period of time. Not only that, it also makes your hair shine a little more. It helps to seal the hair cuticle.


The design of the T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Inch Wide Iron is quite attractive and weights upto 1 pound.

10.3*1.6*2.8 inches.

Long lasting and damage resistant:
The ceramic infrared energy heats the hair till inside for the shine and straightness to last a little more and the single pass heating feature of the T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Wide Flat Iron prevents it from any kind of damage. It protects the hair from over-heating and over-styling.

The T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Wide Iron is suitable for all hair types and works fast to provide whatever look you want and that too prevents your hair from the damage due to heat. It has an audio-visual interface that is very innovative and has a computerized operation.

This article, would be to you just like a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Straightening Iron.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron Overview

The T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron, a 1 1/2 inch hair straightener, features an innovative Audio/Visual Interface with Advanced Digital Heating System that maintains consistent heat while styling to straighten in a single glide. This luxury hair straightener has T3 Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic technology for a long-lasting, smooth and shiny finish.

Whether your hair is long, hard-to-manage, or you simply have the need for speed, the T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron is designed to do the job fast. It is a hair straightener with adjustable temperature with five adjustable heat settings ranging from 260°F to 410°F.

How To Use This Hair Straightener With Temperature Control

While the iron is on, adjust the temperature by double clicking the power button. You will hear a tone and the lights will flash. Continue to click the power button to cycle through the temperature settings. When you reach the desired setting,release the button.

After several seconds you will hear another tone, the selected temperature light will flash and the lights will cascade up or down as the iron is adjusting to the selected temperature.

When the iron has reached your set temperature, you will hear three tones indicating the iron is ready to use.

T3 Singlepass X 1.5 Inch Wide Iron Cons

Along with the great advantages always comes some disadvantages that one has to deal with.

  • It is expensive, since it provides so many advantageous features.
  • It doesn’t come with a traveling case.

T3 Singlepass X Straighteners Review Video

Final Verdict T3 Singlepass X Wide Iron (1.5 inch)

The T3 Singlepass X Wide Iron with 1.5 inches wide plates helps to cover a big section. It doesn’t need much time and is hassle free too. For everyone who look up for better styling in less time, this is a hair straightener you should definitely go for.

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