Top Rated Flat Irons that are Cordless

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Why would you even consider cordless flat irons over the regular corded ones? Is it worth buying one, and if so, what are the top rated flat irons in this category? Naturally, you’d want a model that will give you the best bang for your money.


When is a cordless hair straightener necessary?

A cordless flat iron is an invaluable tool if –

  1. You travel frequently – you’ll worry less about voltage compatibility or availability of power outlets in your destination.
  2. You want the freedom of movement that a cordless unit affords you – no more tangled cables. Your wrist will be freer doing flips and styling.
  3. Your hair needs quick touch-ups after the drive to work or to a meeting – nothing looks neater than a freshly straightened hair.

What are important features to look for when buying a cordless hair straightener?

  1. Plate material – just like when shopping for corded flat irons, make sure that the plate material is a good thermal conductor. It must heat evenly and protect your hair. The most preferred materials are titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline-coated ceramic.2. Technology – look for advanced technologies, such as FIR (far infrared rays) and ionic infusion to cheap cordless flat ironprotect your hair cuticle from damage.
  2. Size – choose a flat iron with a plate size that’s compatible to your hair type and your preferred styling. Long and thick hair will require a heating plate that’s at least 1-1/2 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. If you want your flat iron to also double as a curling wand, choose a slim model with a width of 1 inch or less.
  3. Heat settings – find a flat iron that offers a wide range of temps. If you have thick curly hair, choose a flat iron that goes as high as 400°F. Fine wavy hair responds to much lower heat – 300°F or lower.
  4. Power source – most portable flat irons are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries Inspect the charging port. Some models allow for charging with USB port or cigarette lighter receptacle aside from the usual plug for electric sockets. It’s also possible to find a model that does not use electricity at all. One such unit is featured below.

Two top rated flat irons without cords  

Featured here are two top rated flat irons without cords.  These compact and portable hair straighteners are perfect for traveling and last minute hair retouch.

It’s like having a salon inside your pouch!

Gospire Mini Portable Hair Straightener & Curling Ironbest cordless flat iron amazon

Gospire’s portable flat iron is a mini, measuring 1.38 inches wide, 1.12” thick, and 7.28 inches long. The heating plate is made of ceramic, which is a material known for its even-heating property. It has three heat settings, starting from 320°F (for fine hair texture) to a maximum of 392°F (for coarse hair texture). It is equipped with user-friendly LED indicators which make operating it a breeze. Heating up takes 60 seconds only, and it’s good to go.

You get the benefit of two functions in one tool because this hair straightener is a curling wand, as well. It has a USB interface for charging. When fully charged, which takes around 3 hours, the battery works for up to 30 minutes. As with most rechargeable flat irons, you’ll notice slowing down of the device’s power as the battery is depleted. This weakness is common to most cordless flat irons.

What do I like about the Gospire mini flat iron?

Gospire flat iron is perfect as a travel mate. Just slip it inside your grooming pouch, and you’re good to go. It heats up fast to the desired temp and stays gentle on your hair. It works beautifully especially for fine-textured hair. You can have one on standby at work or in your car for primping wayward frizzes just before seeing a client.

The downside of this flat iron is that it only has around 30 minutes running time when fully charged. If you normally spend more than that in straightening your hair, then this product is clearly not for you. Check the product below and see if it works better in that aspect.

Conair MiniPRO Cordless 3/4-inch Ceramic Flat Ironbest cordless flat iron review

Like our first top rated flat iron, Conair MiniPRO also uses ceramic technology. Ceramic is not only favored for its fast and uniform heating capability, but also for the protection that it offers your hair. Ceramic plates diffuse heat and use far infrared energy which is gentle to hair.

The biggest thing about this cordless flat iron is that it has absolutely no need for electrical outlets. It is powered by a Thermacell butane cartridge which is replaceable, long-lasting, and inexpensive. If you intend to go someplace that’s completely off-the-grid yet still want to maintain your hairstyle, then Conair MiniPro should definitely be on your top list.

A common drawback in cordless hair straighteners is their inability to reach really high temps. I’m talking about 400°F or more – that’s the minimum for thick coarse hair. That’s not a problem with Conair MiniPro because it heats up to as high as 419°.

What do I like about the Conair MiniPro?

With Conair MiniPro, you need not worry about adapters and compatibility with electric sockets in terms of voltage requirements. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’d appreciate how convenient that’s going to be. And since it’s capable of really high heat, nothing will hold you back.

The 2-minute heating time is a bit of a downer, which is twice that of Gospire’s heating time. If you don’t mind a little waiting, though, then that should be fine. Looking on the brighter side, this flat iron goes beyond 30 minutes, which is the max running time for the Gospire flat iron. Conair MinPro won’t die on you. Of course, you’d need to always have a Thermacell cartridge refill ready. The cartridge lasts from 3-6 months depending on how frequently you use your flat iron.

Final Thoughts 

When measured side by side with their corded sisters, cordless hair straighteners generally come up short. These two top rated flat irons, however, show that they have the edge when it comes to portability and their non-reliance on electrical sockets. Frequent travelers and on-the-go professionals will undoubtedly agree to that. Hairstylists, who oftentimes face situations where there’s no power source available close by, know how these cordless backups can be real career-savers!