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Are you looking for the best luxury hair straightener to buy in 2023? Below we look at some of these luxury hair straighteners available on the market in 2023.  We also look at some key qualities of a good hair straightener.

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There are different types of hair straighteners depending on the size, material of the plates, intended and suggested use, technology employed, features, etc. When you look at the below table you will see that there are many different kinds of luxury flat irons so that you can choose straight away the hair straightener you want for your requirements.

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Consider What The Flat Iron Is Best For

If you have frizzy hair, long, curly or short hair, you should always consider if the hair straightener will suit your hair type and texture. There are hair straighteners best for reducing frizz or eliminating static. There are those that can tame unruly hair.

To achieve this, normally a hair straightener will have certain technologies by using certain materials or a combination of them.

A hair straightener with ceramic plates is good at even heat distribution along the plates. A ceramic flat iron also has a high speed heat recovery, a property very handy if you had left the flat iron idle for a little while.

When the hair straightener plates are infused with tourmaline, it adds to the quality of the flat iron. This is because tourmaline together with ceramic emit more ions to reduce frizz, eliminate static electricity while at the same time sealing in moisture into the hair

A titanium flat iron is generally the best hair straightener for thick hair like the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium straightening iron. Titanium plates heat up faster and to higher temperatures to handle thick hair. The flat iron tool with titanium plates is also generally lighter and more durable. Like ceramic, if it is infused with tourmaline its quality is enhanced.

Hair Straightener Suggested Use

When you buy a hair straightener it will have suggested uses as a guide to tell you the different ways it is capable of styling your hair. You will find that a straightener cannot only straighten hair but also smoothen, curl, wave, spiral, flip or bend it. This gives you more options to style your hair.

Hair Straightener Plate Size

Hair straightener plate size is important to consider when buying a flat iron tool. This is because the size of the plates limit the straightener to the length of hair it can handle. Longer hair would need wider plates so that you many not need to make a lot of passes to your hair for your desired style.

As the plates glide through your hair your strands get affected by heat to the extent that too much heat may damage them. So the less you expose your hair strands to heat the better, you would want to have as minimal passes through your hair as much as possible.

Considering Features of The Hair Straightener

To really choose the best luxury hair straightener you should pay attention to the features. Some features add more convenience while others add more suitability.

As an example, a 360° swivel cord will allow you to move about without worrying about being entangled. So a hair straightener with a swivel cord would be a nice to have feature adding convenience.

On the other hand if you are looking for the best hair straightener for curly hair, a Cloud Nine hair straightener like Cloud Nine Micro Iron would be one of the good choices you can make because it comes with 3 different temperature settings. This adds flexibility to how much you would want to heat up the plates to handle your curls.

At times you may want to remove the curls completely where you would need higher temperature. When you just want to reduce them without eliminating them completely the hair straightener with adjustable temperature will allow you to use the right temperature setting to achieve your desired results.

To know what to look for when you want to purchase a flat iron tool, read Hair Straightener Buying Guide