Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener Review

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Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener Review – If you search online for the best flat iron tools, you will end up with getting the information about a lot of flat iron hair straightening tools but if you are looking forward to buying the best one within your specific budget, buying Cloud Nine Wide Iron could be a smart decision.

When it comes to choosing the best in class flat iron tool for hair styling, Cloud Nine has always been a prominent name in the market and this article tells you everything about the Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener Pros

Advanced wide plates:
We all know the fact that wide plates are really famous for long and thick hair and that’s the reason why most of the people with long and thick hair always prefer to buy flat iron with wide plates instead of normal ones.

Cloud Nine’s straighteners are actually gaining reputation for wide plates only and this is one of the most popular products offered by Cloud Nine company. With the wide and smooth plates, this flat iron tool actually helps you to get the desired hair style.

Smart temperature controlling feature:
The main agenda behind all the Cloud Nine products are “Less heat and more style” and that means their hair straightening tools are specifically designed to reduce the amount of heat that your hair exposed to without compromising the performance and this particular product is also not an exception of this technology.

Most of the hair iron tools work well at very high temperature and always remember one thing that anything above 200 degree can seriously damage your hair until a hair protection spray is used. The luxury Cloud Nine Wide Iron works really great at much lower temperature and it works perfectly.

Like the Cloud Nine Original Iron it comes with the smart temperature controlling feature so that you can easily control the temperature.

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Curved body:
The curved shape of this ceramic plated flat iron tool is specially given to create special waves and curls. Most of the flat iron tools are just used for hair straightening purpose but with the Cloud Nine Wide Iron Flat Iron you can do all most all types of hair stylings.

Special heat setting:
This is a hair straightener with temperature control that comes with 7 different heat settings that range from low, medium to high temperature and it is available with a heat guard and carry pouch so that you can keep it safely anywhere after using it.

Dual voltage:
Cloud Nine Wide Iron comes with the dual voltage feature so that you can easily carry it overseas without any second thought.

Long life time:
This hair straightening tool is highly durable, luxurious and long lasting and it comes with the proper warranty,

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener Cons

The price is little bit expensive than other hair irons and if you have a very thin hair, this flat iron may not work very well for you. Be aware of this when you want to give Cloud Nine Wide Iron as a gift set.

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Cloud Nine Wide Iron Review

Final verdict On Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straightener is completely worth for money and it works just perfect for almost all types of hair.

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