Glampalm UN232 Simpletouch Hair Straightener Review

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Glampalm SimpleTouch Overview

The GlamPalm Simple Touch Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron is a 1 inch hair straightener with SENSE™ Technology from GlamPalm’s labs. It does not have buttons or switches – simply tap the plates together once to turn it on!

The GlamPalm SimpleTouch is equipped with the latest MICOM (Micro-Computer) controlled heat system. It will automatically adjust the temperature according to its thermal sensors. This will allow an even heat transfer across its special ceramic plates.

With GlamPalm SimpleTouch UN232 (or GP232) there is no heat protector necessary. You will not experience any heat damage only heat that heals!

This GlamPalm flat iron has ultimate speed, convenience and safety. You just touch it to turn the power off and adjust the temperature. The sensor also sets the safe mode, 35 seconds without using the product will automatically turn off.

The 1 inch plates are perfect for all lengths of hair and textures thanks to a variance in temperature levels. There are many raving reviews about this SimpleTouch GlamPalm flat iron. See the review video below!

Glampalm Simple Touch Features

  • Specially coated ceramic plates to prevent hair damage and make hair softer and glossier
  • Unique tilting plates pivot to add flexibility and ensure even heat transmission
  • Heats up almost instantly with instant heat recovery and 60-minute automatic shut-off
  • 3-meter and 360-degree swiveling pivot cord allows for extra convenience
      Healing Stone Technology™ – Hair damage is a thing of the past
  • Motion-activated Flat Iron
  • One Touch Controls
  • Healing Stone™ Technology

Glampalm Simple Touch Review Video

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As busy women we all know that every second in our day counts especially when it comes time to getting ready. And we certainly don’t have time to wait for our hair tools to heat up.

“it’s the most frustrating thing about styling my hair in the morning is waiting for the flat iron to heat up”

“it takes forever to do it “

“and I just don’t have time to style it”

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce the GlamPalm simple touch. The world’s fastest heating flat iron which is one click and 10 seconds it’s ready to go, the GlamPalm is the only touch activated flat iron in the us and it heats up to 390 degrees in just 10 seconds. All you got to do is plug it in and give it a snap..

“that’s amazing…”

“… Oh that was really quick… “

“… That’s so cool…”

And with just three snaps. You can cool the iron down to 330 degrees for fine or damaged hair.

“..i love how easy it is to switch back and forth between the temperatures…”

“I like that it doesn’t have buttons…”

And with just two more snaps it heats back up to its original temperature.

“… This doesn’t take us long to straighten my hair as my other straightener…”

“…it’s going to save me so much time in the morning…”

“… Look at how easy that was it was so quick…”

“…i mean literally it’s what a minute 30 seconds… “

Plus it’s made with mineral stone plates that emit infrared heat back to light over your hair leaving it smooth and easy to style.

“…it feels so smooth that’s not pulling my hair at all I’ve never been able to do this before…”

“…i feel like if I had this in my life would be a lot easier in my hair would be pretty…”

“…i think the hottest part is trying to get the ends to go straight and this just did it in one go I love that..”

Not only does it turn on incredibly quick but it automatically shuts off after 35 seconds once you set it down

“…i have burnt my countertop numerous times by leaving my flat iron on…”

“…i can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back in and check to see if I’ve turned mine off…”

“…i might forget to turn my flat iron off, we’re gonna burn down the house…”

“…so you just put it down and it turns itself off…”

“…total gamechanger…”

So now we can have sleek smooth hair in a snap.

“…i feel like I just got my hair done…”

“…can I keep this one…”

“…i love it…”

More SimpleTouch Reviews

“I’ve had a lot of hair irons (Sedu, T3, Thairapy) but this iron is by far the best iron that I’ve ever tried. My hair doesn’t feel “fried” after every use (I have thick and wavy hair)”

“I have no words to say for this straightening hair iron. It is the best by far. And on the highest heat level it doesn’t burn my hair. it straightens it out so silky smooth but as you all know before you iron your hair apply some iron cream there are many brands in the market…”

“Amazing tool! It’s expensive, but totally worth the price (assuming it lasts as long as I assume it will). Feels really solid, but not heavy, and heats up really quickly…”

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