GlamPalm GP202 Crescent Volumizing Flat Iron Review

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GlamPalm GP202 Crescent Volumizing Flat Iron


  • Specially coated ceramic plates to prevent hair damage and make hair softer and glossier
  • Unique tilting plates pivot to add flexibility and ensure even heat transmission
  • Heats up almost instantly with instant heat recovery and 60-minute automatic shut-off
  • 3-meter and 360-degree swiveling pivot cord allows for extra convenience

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“I have curly frizzy hair and it makes it silky smooth. I would recommend it to anyone, even though this product is bit pricey it is still worth the investment…”

“Amazing tool! It’s expensive, but totally worth the price (assuming it lasts as long as I assume it will)…”

” It has healing stone technology on the ceramic plates which is supposed to be some type of South Korean ancient mineral that helps to protect your hair from the breakdown of the cuticle layer. I can say that this iron has been much less damaging than others I have used…”


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